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Integrative & Intuitive bodywork sessions to help alleviate tension and promote self-connection.

Why Naturopathy

Why do Bodywork?

I can help with 

Physical Pain 

Headaches, migraines, neck pain, chronic shoulder tension, low back pain, TMJ issues, menstrual cramps, joint stiffness, and acute injury are all symptoms I can provide care for. 

Mental & Emotional Health

Slow attentive massage & craniosacral therapy can often tap into the emotional realm, providing comfort and insights to help feel more clear in mind and heart. 

We are often caught up in the world of giving and doing. Giving yourself an hour or two monthly to simply receive for yourself is incredibly important.

Relaxation & Stress Relief

Massage & Craniosacral work are inherently beneficial to the nervous system and help reduce stress. 

Women's Health

As a longtime sufferer of menstrual cramps - I have been able to address my own blockages and tension in my abdomen and can help you do the same. Deep Abdominal Massage has been known to alleviate cramps and support a healthy menstrual cycle. 

Flexibility & Mobility

Therapeutic massage, assisted stretching, and myofacial release can improve mobility within joins and bigger structures of the body. 


Being touched with loving kindness and deep listening can result in profound spiritual experiences for people. Touch is simple and very, very, sacred.

Meet Amelia

Meet Anne Marie

Licensed Massage & Craniosacral Therapist 

I have been on a journey of health, self-discovery, and spirituality for the last 15 years of my life. Maybe, I could say, my whole life. I grew up in northern Minnesota where I began my journey through the lens of Yoga & Meditation. I began traveling the world in my twenties and this gave me a big perspective of life which inspired me to learn about different modalities of healing. I consider myself a Seeker - learning about the mystery and truth of life is what gives me drive & passion. I am a licensed massage therapist from the Santa Fe School of Massage, and have completed the 7-class course of Hugh Milne's Visionary Craniosacral Work. I am a certified Yoga Instructor with my 500 hr RYT and also Reiki Level 2 trained. I love providing sessions for people that combine anatomy & energy - and tend to touch into the emotional realm while addressing the body. 


Services & Pricing

60 Minutes - 90$

75 Minutes - 105$

90 Minutes - 120$

120 Minutes - 160$

An Integrative Bodywork session can emcompass all of the services and styles of bodywork to meet your individual needs. 

Balancing Rocks

Craniosacral Therapy

Therapeutic Massage

Somatic Awareness

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle & profound style of bodywork that focuses on the subtle systems of the body. Sessions can be done entirely clothed and tend to bring people into a deep state of relaxation. The whole premise of craniosacral work is that the body inherently knows what it needs and the role of the practitioner is to simply listen to that inherent wisdom. Sessions can be both very still and quiet or contain a lot of movement, which we call "Unwinding." Craniosacral work can help immensely with head & neck pain, jaw pain, insomnia, anxiety, and other forms of physical, emotional and mental distress.  

Therapeutic Massage works with the soft tissues to help bring more mobility to the body. Techniques used are anywhere from deep tissue release, myofacial work, trigger point therapy, swedish massage, and cupping therapy.

Sometimes, we need to get back to the basics. How are we breathing? How are we relating with our body? Through a combination of touch and guided exploration, I use my 10+ years of yoga & meditation experience to help individuals reclaim their inner landscape. 


"Anne is literally the best, most empathetic, most talented massage therapist ever. She connects her energy and healing techniques with massage. It’s a magical experience. She is so kind and has a gentle healing spirit. She makes you feel safe and comfortable. She has helped my body pain immensely!" 

- J.M.


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