everything is in constant transition. watch the sun go down when it is close to the horizon. the orange ball never stops moving. when it is close to being out of our sight, it is easier to see it going away. it is always moving though. it's just not as easy to notice when it is in the middle of the sky with no beginning or end in sight.

I'm going through a big transition. like the setting sun, I am getting close to the horizon. the wide open sky of Santa Fe has supported my unfolding day by day. a two year cycle is coming to closure. and it is much easier to see the movement now.

it is easy for the logical mind to put everything in categories, as we all know. life becomes a step by step process. do this, get that, go there, see that. I become curious today on the spaces between the "steps." how do we move from one thing to the next? how do we be more like the sun and allow ourselves to move, fluidly, moment from moment?

nature is constantly moving. we are constantly moving. for me, a healthy mind is one that flows from moment to moment seamlessly. gracefully. and like the setting sun, as we notice ourselves coming towards a major change of scenery, we don't need to move faster. we just need to soften slightly, and let our brilliance reflect on all of the magic that is around us.

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