internal happiness

Updated: May 30, 2019

In my life journey, through the curves, hills, and valleys, my millions of questions seem to always come back to this. How to I create happiness from the inside? Without relying on external fixes that satisfy me for temporary moments of time, and don't fully imbed deep into my soul cave.

Sometimes my answer is to focus on gratitude. Sometimes it is to focus on peace. Sometimes it is to focus on rest, or presence. Happiness is always changing form and it is an endless journey of questioning and responding. This is the key, for me. To keep questioning and keep responding. There are times when I don't check in with my heart and ask it what would truly make it happy. Weeks go by and suddenly I feel lost, hectic, stressed, confused, and I don't know what I need to bring myself into balance. Maybe a yoga class? Maybe acupuncture? Maybe a hike in nature? The options stress me out even more and I get lost in the spinning ideas within my brain.

This is when I must turn in.

I must ask the deep cave of my heart what it is longing for, and respond from there.

Maybe happiness is as simple as the act of asking

and listening.

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