from absorption to expression

Updated: May 16, 2019

I recently had a healing session where my practitioner said to me “It feels like it’s time to switch from a life of absorption to a life of expression.” This comment rang true to my core. I’ve always felt I have a deep ability to absorb life experiences. Whether it’s the environment, people’s energies, or simply life surroundings, I have been an absorber most of my life. I think most sensitive people can probably relate with this. When we feel so deeply, the information coming into our system can feel overwhelming and it takes most of our energy to simply process it, integrate it, or release it. Thankfully I’ve had lots of help along the way and feel more capable of knowing what serves me and what does not.

As I come into this last year of my twenties, I feel the pull to start expressing all of the valuable information I have been absorbing thus far in my life. I’ve studied the body immensely through both the lenses of Yoga and bodywork, and I do my best every day to stay presently alive which seems to be my biggest download of information yet! Hopefully the lessons I’ve learned and insights I’ve gained can inspire others even in the smallest of ways.

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