brain floods

In the desert, rivers create canyons.

The same channel of water over time, little by little, can create some big crevices in the land. I heard an analogy recently that we can think of our brains in a similar way.

We think the same channel of thoughts, over and over, and eventually we create crevices and even canyons of belief systems in our brain.

Maybe some serve us, maybe some don't.

My experience with "healing" almost always comes to a similar point: where my brain becomes flooded and all thought patterns get washed to neutral ground.

With a freshly flooded brain,

I can create new channels.

So far in my life, I've experienced three different ways to "flood the brain." These are personal to me, and I know there are many different ways to get to this point.

The first is breath. Doing intense breath work, such as holotropic breathing, or any kind of vigorous breath work, has potential to create such a huge tsunami of life force into the brain and system. A feeling of surrender is often necessary for me to fully allow the breath to do the "work." A flood of breath.

The second is psylicibin or other psychedelic plants. Often in the moment of psylicibin experiences, I feel so present, so aware, and so unattached to the stories of thoughts I've created to define my experience of life. After experiences with psylicibin, I feel new, recharged, and much, much, more open. A flood of information from a higher source.

The third is craniosacral therapy. After almost 7 years of exploring the high art of craniosacral therapy, it still carries such a mysterious force to me. However, I know it works. Having a skilled listener simply hold space for my thoughts, brainwaves, & rivers of life throughout my body, it creates a feeling of calm, spaciousness, and complete stillness. The stories release, and awareness resides. I feel like my true Self. A flood of listening.

Flood that brain.

Let the force of life come through you

and wipe out everything you think you knew.

Start fresh,

over and over,

until the essence of Being

becomes all you Know.

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